Main Street Biloxi was originally conceived as a part of the Coast Main Street Project in 1990. From that humble beginning as a part shared, multiple-city endeavor, Main Street Biloxi evolved into a single city, multi-faceted, independent organization, entrusted with the responsibility to preserve, protect and promote the unique historical character of Old Biloxi, particularly as it relates to the downtown area. The primary goal of Main Street Biloxi is the preservation and revitalization of the Main Street district, an area that extends from Porter Avenue at the Historic Biloxi Lighthouse to Bellman Street, and from Highway 90 to the railroad on Esters Blvd. We recently added the Caillavet Street corridor to the Main Street district, as it will be the gateway to the downtown business district area. Main Street Biloxi is a very active and productive organization. We have 26 board of directors and 10 liaisons from various organizations within the city that attend monthly noon meetings held  on the second Monday of every month. We also have an executive board meeting each month. Committee meetings for Promotions, Design and Economic Restructuring also meet on a monthly basis. Each committee has a chairman experienced within their respected fields.


Biloxi Main Street Board of Directors 2018-2019

Kay Miller
Biloxi Main Street Executive Director

Laurie Rosetti
Biloxi Main Street Executive Director Assistant

Board Members  

Pat Wylie- President
Corey Christy – Vice President /Organizational Chair
Pinky Walker – Secretary
Tom Collins – Treasurer
Bill Raymond – Ex-Officio
Neil Polen – Design Committee Chair
Dani Polen – Promotion Committee Chair
Kevin Felscher – Economic Vitality Committee Chair
Sherry Bell
Lucy Brashier
Loretta Bridges
Peggy Byrd
Arlene Canaan
Freda Newman
Julie Egressy
Cecelia Walton
Geneva Dummer
Shannon Kirby
Jeannette Romero
Karen Staehling
Jean McGrury
Michael Johns


Lindsey Ward – SMPDD
Tina Toss-Seamans – Biloxi Bay Chamber of Commerce
Rachael Seymour – Biloxi Chamber of Commerce
Ed Shambra – City of Biloxi Planning
Sherry Bell – COB Parks & Recreation
Michael Wills – Biloxi Police
Kevin O’Brien – Ohr O’Keefe Museum of Art

Biloxi Main Street District Committee’s 2018-2019

Design Committee

Neil Polen-Chairman
Geneva Dummer
Andrea Osman
Anna Roy
Brandy Moore
Christy Lebatard
Craig High
Ed Shambra
Bill Raymond
Laurie Rosetti
Kay Miller
Tracy Wyman
Jeff Loftus

Economic Vitality Committee

Kevin Felsher-Chairman
Charlie Dellenger
Danny Boudreaux
Jerry Creel
Geneva Dummer
Marshall Eleuterius
Patrick Lyons
Pat Wylie
Kay Miller
Bill Raymond

Promotion Committee

Dani Polen-Chairman
Debbie Beasley
Lucy Brashier
Loretta Bridges
Peggy Byrd
Arlene Canaan
Diane Cothern
Val Cushman
Cecilia Dobbs Walton
Lynn Frisby
Pat Galle
Serena Gilich
Sarah Gladish
Susie Hathaway
Dianne Ott
Jeannette Romero
Laurie Rosetti
Vanna Shemper
Diane Sicuro
Patt Skmich
Paulette Strayham
Gwen Vanderfin

Organizational Committee

Corey Christy-Chairman
Julie Kuklinski
Heather Rumfelt
Allan Lusk
Geneva Dummer
Canonblue Lalley
Laurie Rosetti
Kay Miller
Loretta Bridges
Pat Wylie